Stop burning money on the Cloud

Regain control of your tech,
win back control of your business.

“Cloud has been sold as The Answer to SaaS companies like ours for a decade or more. I bought the narrative. We bought the narrative. The narrative is not true.”

David Heinemeier Hansson
Co-owner & CTO of 37Signals

The Cloud's myths

The Cloud promised great benefits:

  • Reduced cost. Only pay for what you use.

  • Simple operations. Focus on your app, not your infrastructure.

  • Developer productivity. Fast and easy to deploy.

  • Infinite scale. Never worry about being too successful.

Cloud's Harsh Truths

The reality has turned out to be quite different.

  • Huge cost. Base cost is huge, and surprise bills all too common.

  • Same operations, less agency. Ops team have the same size but less maneuverability, working around Cloud limitations and struggling to keep costs down.

  • Worse developer productivity when convoluted cloud-native products are used.

  • Unnecessary scale. Even in a growing a business you rarely need infinite scale.

  • Vendor lock-in. Switching cloud providers is artificially challenging.

  • Unaligned support. Focused on selling more services, not on solving your needs.

Some good news

While most of the indrusty was rushing to the Cloud...

  • Hardware improved dramatically. Big servers today can serve millions of users.

  • Open Source Software became rock-solid and ubiquitous, and it's actually powering the Cloud: Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Redis.

  • Expertise is still here and can be honed. Empowering ops team is easier than ever.

success story

We know, because we did it

At Iomob, we saved 90% ($140k yearly) by moving the heaviest services to rented dedicated servers.

It took us 1 month and
zero downtime

About us

Víctor López, PhDCo-founder at Iomob, sofware engineer, mathematician.

Aritz BellverSales & Enablement leader.

Sanath Ramesh (advisor)Software leader, open source pioneer & rare disease drug developer.
Ex-AWS Software Engineer & Manager.

Let's talk

We can help you assess, plan and execute.

  • Cross-functional assessment of your current situation: business, management, operations and development.

  • Cost analysis of on-premises and hybrid approaches.

  • Step-by-step migration plan with milestones for a smooth transition.

  • Training and building of in-house expertise.

  • Support, guide and facilitate the execution of the transition.